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Minister of Foreign Affairs of Denmark visited Irpin

On May 2, a foreign delegation led by Minister of Foreign Affairs of Denmark Jeppe Kofod visited the Kyiv region. The Chief of Kyiv Regional Military Administration Oleksandr Pavliuk and together with the Head of Kyiv Region Humanitarian Headquarters Oleksii Kuleba visited Irpin.

During their visit, the delegation observed the consequences of shelling and bombing of Irpin residential areas by the Russian army. Oleksandr Pavliuk told the honored guests about the fighting in Irpin and war crimes committed by the occupation forces.

“The city of Irpin has been seriously affected by the actions of occupiers. In 2014, about 10,000 Ukrainians moved to Irpin fleeing the war in eastern Ukraine. Now these people are again forced to leave their homes and evacuate. 1,200 of them are children and 560 preschoolers. They are currently safe in western Ukraine or abroad. Even though, people want to go back a lot. And we are doing everything to make the city safe and comfortable, – said the Chief of Kyiv Regional Military Administration.

Communications are being restored in the city – water supply has already been restored; electricity restoration is at its final stage.

“There are currently about 4,000 people in Irpin. These are the ones who could not evacuate. They are provided with humanitarian aid – food, water, basic necessities. Power supply is almost restored. The problem is that the occupiers destroyed the transformer stations, so the light has to be restored from scratch, “said Oleksii Kuleba.

During the meeting, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Denmark Eppe Kofod said that Ukraine can rely on their support.

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