We work for victory!

In Hiroshima, Ukraine was indeed an honored participant in the G7’s work, and the topic of Ukraine was principal – President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s address.

Fellow Ukrainians!

We are finishing this very difficult yet very important week. On Friday, we had the Arab League. On Saturday and Sunday – G7 plus Ukraine and an expanded format – seven plus partners, including the Global South, plus Ukraine. It was intense.

The world hears our position. Protection and security guarantees, the return of all our territories, all our people, justice, the implementation of our Peace Formula… We have an understanding with the world majority on every important point for Ukraine. And together we will increase Ukraine’s potential.

This Saturday was Science Day in Ukraine, and the more opportunities we give to Ukraine, the more we give to everyone who works in this noble field. I congratulate all our scientists!

Today, on Sunday, here in Hiroshima, Ukraine was a truly honored participant in the work of the G7. The topic of Ukraine is principal, the respect for all Ukrainians is special. I am thankful to the G7!

Meeting with President Biden – and, as always, we become stronger after such talks. Meeting with the leader of Indonesia – meaningful. Meeting with the President of the Republic of Korea – there is potential for strong relations. Meeting with Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau – thank you, Justin. I also spoke with the leaders of Vietnam and Australia. We spoke separately and in detail with the Prime Minister of Japan – we will enhance cooperation.

There was also a very important ceremony and address at the Peace Memorial Museum in Hiroshima…

Our unity with the world, our protection for Ukrainians, and our strength – the strength of the Ukrainian state – will also be the most worthy tribute to the memory of our people of different generations, whose lives have been broken and trampled by Russian evil, by this long-standing tyranny that changes its form but kills equally brutally.

Today is the Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Political Repression… the Day of Remembrance of all those who were killed in times of the Soviet regime. Let us not forget what happened, let us not forget whom we lost, and let us not forget that we must be strong.

And we will always be. 

Glory to Ukraine!

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